The Link Between Social Connections and Healthy Eating

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How Can Social Connections Help You Achieve Your Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Goals?

Weight loss is one journey you shouldn’t go on alone. A study on the effectiveness of individual and group interventions for weight loss revealed that those who participated in groups had better outcomes than those who did not, losing greater than or equal to 5% of their body weight.

Given this newfound knowledge, you may be encouraged to rope in a few buddies or join a group to achieve your healthy eating and weight loss goals for better success. However, you might be wondering how exactly social connections help you in this regard. To satisfy your curiosity, find out more below:

It provides emotional support

Many emotions are involved in losing weight and changing your habits to become healthier. You can be angry at yourself for gaining so much weight, sad about not seeing any progress, and disappointed with yourself for not trying harder. The psychology behind weight loss and emotions also suggests that some people may have deeper connections regarding strong feelings associated with weight loss. For instance, people who’ve experienced food deprivation may have a habit of operating in emergency mode when eating, prompting them to overeat.

Whether your emotions regarding healthy eating and weight loss are deep-seated or not, social connections will support you. Friends or weight loss membership companions will do their best to understand you, and they may even share the same sentiments, giving you a community to lean on as you navigate the challenges of weight loss and healthy eating.

It improves your accountability

At the core of healthy eating and weight loss is accountability. This is a vital component of any weight loss plan, as it keeps you consistent so you stay on track toward achieving your goals. Unfortunately, holding yourself accountable can be challenging.

Luckily, a simple search for “weight loss groups near me” can connect you with like-minded individuals with similar goals, as well as expert coaches who can keep you accountable through workshops where you can discuss your progress. You’ll have the chance to meet fellow participants weekly and in-person or online, depending on your lifestyle and schedule. Ultimately, surrounding yourself with people who share your goals is a great way to stay accountable to your weight loss goals, especially if you don’t feel a sense of urgency when doing so on your own.

It can help motivate you

The journey to healthy eating and weight loss isn’t easy. There will be days when you’re too lazy to work out or don’t see the point in following your healthy diet.

During these challenging times, your social connections will come in handy. The people you work out with—or even those who only know that you’re aiming to eat more healthily—can encourage you to try again. They’ll be your source of motivation on days when your mind, body, and spirit aren’t enough to keep you going. These people can even motivate you by sharing ways to make you exercise or helping you find healthier snack options, like easy-to-make kale chips and pineapple salad.

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It creates a space for effective advice and resources

Finding a safe space to look for weight loss advice and tips can be challenging. Random people in real life or online may not be knowledgeable enough to suggest healthy eating and workout practices.

When you’re unsure who to turn to, your community has your back. Since these people share the same healthy goals, they’ll only offer you safe and practical tips. These may be some things they’ve already tried themselves and helped with their progress or something they’ve heard from their nutritionist or health coach. If you join your local weight loss workshop, you can even get tailored advice from your own coach. Overall, building social connections will create a safe space for effective healthy eating and weight loss practices.

Prioritizing social connections may be the last thing on your mind when trying to lose weight and become healthier. Nonetheless, these points prove its importance, so build your healthy community today.

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