DINE Holiday Gift Ideas

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. We have test-driven each of these products and personally recommend them as holiday gift ideas.

Ballarini Tesoro Blender, $250.
This beautiful 2-in-1 appliance with its red enamel body is the Queen on my kitchen counter. Yes, we have had dozens of blenders over the years, but this new model is whirring luxury. In a minute, it can turn cold ingredients into a hot silky soup. My morning smoothie has a luscious texture. Fruits and vegetables can be minced in a second. Nuts for baking are ready in an instant. And the added bonus is an extra sealed container with a handle that can safely go with you.

Twin Fin ll – 8” Chef’s Knife, $249.95.
It is a thrill for any cook of any degree of skill to hold this knife in their hand and slice and dice like a master chef. It is so well balanced that the blade does the work, not your hand or arm. This is the only knife you will need to cut bread, meat, fruits, and vegetables. Even ripe tomatoes are sliced easily.

Zwilling-V-Edge Knife Sharpener, $199.95.
This knife sharpener is the saviour for all the knives collecting in the knife drawer that has become too dull to use. This clever appliance will give them a new lease on life in a few seconds. Sharp knives can really cut your kitchen chopping and slicing time in half.

Staub White Truffle Cocotte 4 qt., $349.95.
The most important thing is cooking with the right equipment. This enameled cast iron pot is a treasure. It comes in all the beautiful colours of the rainbow, and it will last a lifetime. I created this simple recipe for my Cocotte for my family. It may well become your favorite too.

Sara’s la Cocotte Recipe (Serve with rice or pasta to 6 hungry people)

Viritus Organic Vodka, $39.95.
A vodka for today’s palate and today’s food and drink style is silky smooth Viritus Organic Vodka. What makes this a special spirit? Viritus is 100% gluten-free, organic, kosher, vegan and celiac safe, and it’s made in Ontario. Already an award winner, it took first place in the world at the 2018 World Vodka Awards in London, England. Vodka has come a long way, baby. It was first produced by monks at the Chudov Monastery in the Kremlin in the late 15th century. The first concoctions were made with alcohol imported from Genoa through Crimea.

Walter Holiday Caesar Mix Why do we love you, Walter? Let me count the ways… You have taken all-natural ingredients and fashioned the Walter Holiday Ceasar Mix in a beautiful large glass bottle featuring sustainably sourced North Atlantic lobster stock, fragrant sage and aromatic tarragon, and pre-seasoned with hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. We can simply add vodka, a stalk of celery and a squeeze of citrus. This mix is so delicious, I have, on occasion enjoyed it straight. For every Holiday Caesar Mix bottle sold, Walter donates $1.00 to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Canada. Cheers.

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We hope one of these products will give you some holiday gift ideas for your loved ones.

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