Violet Gray: New Colour for Sophisticated Interiors

Why is Violet Gray, the dusky shade in the interior design spotlight, so evocative?

This dark near-neutral was the corporate office color of the 1970’s. One could argue that its air of earnest importance comes from a blend of grey flannel and royal purple. Mixed from equal parts purple and charcoal grey, it’s ideal for those who shy away from clear brights. Today it is at home in gender-neutral, feminine and masculine rooms.

Violet gray pairs well with bronze-colored metal, with stone, grey-white walls and with greyish brown wood floors. It’s a good color choice in linen whose casual texture renders it easy-going. It is a perfect companion to natural linen on furniture and neutral linen/wool blend carpets.

Pair it with gold leaf and you have a different mood. Silvery grasscloth paper, angular hedron tables and an oversized dome keep this room from feeling too formal.

Violet gray velvet printed with dark grey panther markings is truly lavish. Our bed throw from Holly Hunt velvet is surprisingly accurate to the fur of the ‘black panther’, who’s actually a leopard with a very rare dark pigmentation, the opposite of an albino.

Did you know the Panther only exists in mythology? He is the companion of Dionysus, god of wine, drama, and revelry. The violet fur proclaims his singular persona and we understand why he is the Cartier animal.

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Authentic tribal silk-and-cotton ikat textile produced in a remote village in leopard territory, on a loom only 15 inches wide, is made wider with Samuel & Sons trim at the linen sidebands.

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Love your neutrals? The light taupe pillow is an easy accent. Prefer a color punch? A darker pillow has drama. Both look great near silver metal.

Violet is next to Ultraviolet, the gateway to the invisible range of the color spectrum. In Goethe’s theory of colour, it represents meditation. Our lounge has giant linen pillows backing up the lighter and deeper gray-violet accent pillows and a faux fur throw, ready for quiet contemplation.

The trending interior design colour, Violet Gray says something extraordinary on your behalf.

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