Tradition of Comfort in Japan

Japanese nabe

Warm Cuisine

Winter in Japan offers the most soothing cuisine. Hot bowls of soup are nourishing and chock full of flavour and sumptuous seasonal ingredients.

Nabemono is the Japanese hot pot that replenishes our soul as it indulges our palate. The beauty of the nabe pot is how easy and interactive a meal can be. All the ingredients are set at the table and dipped in the pot to cook at our own pace and to our own taste. There are eight different delicious types of Nabemono that make up this essential staple winter food and each one is perfect for family get-togethers or parties. Here is everything we need to know to make our own nabe hot pot at home!

Japanese nabe
Photo courtesy of JNTO

For another quintessential Japanese soup-based meal, check out DINE’s Ramen Tour of Japan for all the regional varieties and flavours.

Warm Hospitality

Japanese hospitality is called Omotenashi. It involves the anticipation of a guest’s needs. It is a quintessentially Japanese attitude, and it is one of the most beautiful aspects of Japanese culture. Nowhere is this tradition of hospitality more prevalent than at a ryokan. Hoshinoya properties are the perfect blend of traditional ryokan and modern hotel. The goal of Hoshinoya is to gently encourage guests to relax, feel cared-for and enriched.

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Photo courtesy of JNTO

In Tokyo, Hoshinoya provides all the amenities and care that make up quintessential Japanese hospitality, and offers a true taste of Japanese culture. One of the cultural activities offered at the ryokan in Otemachi, Tokyo is a “Sky-High Morning Kenjutsu Practice.” Imagine wielding a sword on top of a building with a 360° view of the Tokyo skyline. This original morning training routine combines the movements of swordsmanship using a wooden sword and deep breathing with panoramic views!
Meditation Bath_Hoshinoya_Karuizawa
Check out DINE’s reviews of Hoshinoya. The riverside Hoshinoya resort in Kyoto is only accessible by a boat that ferries us into intoxicating beauty. The Hoshinoya resort in Karuizawa is home of the renowned meditation bath in total darkness. The clean air and water of Karuizawa makes it the getaway of the royal family and the cool respite for Tokyoites to escape the summer heat. The Hoshinoya in Taketomi, Okinawa is the getaway choice for Japan’s rich and famous to unwind and stretch out in tropical quietude.
Hoshinoya, Karuizawa, Nagano

There is a world of warmth to experienced in the Japanese winter that enchants, recharges and leaves us hungry for more.

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