Kendall Hurley – Niagara’s Artist

An afternoon tour of the grand Chateau des Charmes winery in Niagara leads us through a gallery of unique artwork by local artist, Kendall Hurley. Sampling The Bosc Family’s Earth and Sky Pinot Noir and Riesling wines on the second floor of the winery is treat enough, as they embody the fresh and vibrant sun and rain kissed vineyards along St. David’s Bench. The pairing of art with wine elevates our experience. We are drawn to Hurley’s paintings.
Hurley is an abstract artist who has created her own extraordinary technique called Acrylic Blend in which there is chemical manipulation and layering upon layering of acrylic paint. It is totally unique and, as Hurley says, “no one else can duplicate this”. Her colours and depth of texture project off the canvas with almost three-dimensional quality. Her philosophy is that to be of interest an artist must have both original thought and original technique. Her paintings speak of life, triumph, beauty and passion as they celebrate colour.
Hurley’s painting, Unbroken, was a successful candidate in The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons worldwide art competition to celebrate their 75th anniversary. Unbroken reflects the artist’s spirit and “the journey from broken to unbroken”. It appears in the AAOS coffee table book and online museum, and was included in a month long show at San Francisco’s Moscone Centre. Her work is frequently shown across the Niagara Region and in Toronto, including the Distillery District, Casa Loma, and a private collection at The Sick Kids Foundation, as well as at The Timmins Museum, and in private collections worldwide. With wine in hand we are happy to admire them at Chateau des Charmes.
In our inaugural issue of DINE Travels, we included one of Kendall Hurley’s Duos. Seen here, Red 7 caught my attention for its radiance, heat, and passionate blending of colours.
There is movement and flow in Hurley’s paintings, inspired by personal journeys, Canadian landscapes and her own love of sharing them through paint. (From top: Simon Skies, Sunset On Pelee, Unbroken, Red 7, Canadian Autumn)
For more information go to: Kendall Hurley Gallery / 905-327-9374

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  • I visited Chateau des Charmes in May of this year and saw the exhibit. It truly was wonderful. She is an amazing artist. So talented! Very extraordinary and unique works.

  • Kendall Hurley is one of a kind. Each piece is unique. Her technique is amazing. I have never seen work like hers before and it is beautiful!

  • I visited Chateau des Charmes in May of this year and saw the exhibit. It truly was wonderful. She is an amazing artist. So talented! Very extraordinary and unique.

  • I have been a big fan of Kendall’s work since the beginning and boast one of her smaller works in my collection. Her passion and colours just keep getting stronger and stronger. Her work inspires me!

  • I especially LOVE Sunset on Pelee and Canadian Autumn. They invoke feelings of peace and serenity, happiness and joy. The technique is extremely unusual and create perceptual visual effects. Love the Show

  • I met Kendall a few years ago and visited her studio then and followed up with a visit at Chateau des Charmes. I was amazed at the depth her art takes on. The process she created is certainly one of a kind as is Kendall. I love your work!!

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