7 Best Casino Restaurants in Ontario


Ontario casinos bring a lot to the table! They are known for fun ways to win money and for rounding out your experience with good food and an immersive or relaxing atmosphere. We’ll tell you which places dish up the best food and offer highlights about the restaurants within popular Ontario casinos that will make your next outing memorable.

1) Nero’s Steakhouse at Caesars Windsor

You’ve likely heard of the infamous Roman emperor for more than a few things he was known for, one of which is certainly a fondness for food. Nero’s Steakhouse provides signature dishes and attentive service that bring regulars back to Caesars Windsor. Nero’s serves a range of plates, including lobster and chowder, during their weekly seafood Thursdays and several steak selections with expertly prepared Australian Wagyu.

Want to try a bit of everything or have a small group craving exceptional cuts of meat? Look no further than the “Carnivore for Four” meal, which gets you a bone-in ribeye, bone-in striploin, and Wagyu stripped served with several sides.

Fish, steak, and wine go together well, and Nero’s knows that. So does Wine Spectator, which has presented Nero’s with awards for the last 14 years due to its extensive bottle selection.

2) St. Germain’s Steakhouse Restaurant at Casino Rama

Within the popular Casino Rama resort is a refreshing and relaxing place to refuel between table games or slots—or maybe just because you want a good steak and love the ambiance. As one of several restaurants within Casino Rama, St. Germain’s specializes in seafood and steak while also preparing unique salads with compressed watermelon and a delicious lobster bisque.

Meat selections include lobster tails, salmon, and porterhouse steaks with heft at 24 ounces. Like Nero’s, St. Germain’s offers specially marbled Wagyu beef in a striploin or a ribeye, and you can’t go wrong either way.

3) Copperhorn Meet House Toronto at Great Canadian Casino Resort

Copperhorn resides within the Great Canadian Casino as a pitstop to eat and chat in a comfortable, low-key environment. Copperhorn isn’t quite as fancy as St. Germain’s or Nero’s, but most of the menu items are a little easier on your wallet, too. You can still get a filet mignon or 24-ounce steak if you want, though! Halibut, pork chops, and lobster tail also complete their menu.

4) Simcoe Yard House at Casino Rama

Like Copperhorn, Simcoe Yard House isn’t quite upscale. Instead, it’s a wide-open sports bar with lots of televisions and good food. Simcoe does well to balance everybody’s tastes by offering a variety of burgers, like the Yard House Canadian beef burger with all the fixings and a house-made mayo. You can also get a big, filling Meat Lover’s Pizza while you watch the game and enjoy salami, pepperoni, and bacon.

We call Simcoe simple and fun. It provides good food, reasonable prices, and a relaxing setting to watch sports between gaming sessions. It also gets excellent reviews for its cocktails!

5) Spago Trattoria at Caesars Windsor

Caesars Windsor earns two spots on our list for satisfying various cravings and because authentic Italian pasta is a proper comfort food for some. Italian meals are well-known for sharing, and Spago offers simple, open spaces that help your family or friends get together.

Spago specializes in traditional Italian cuisine, including pasta like fettuccini, manicotti, and gnocchi. It also reserves a special place for authentic Italian pizza, which features basic ingredients like mushrooms, flavourful tomato sauce, peppers, and mozzarella. Pizzas are baked in a wood oven to preserve the flavours and textures locked in by brief but high heat.

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The best Italian food is made by hand, with love, from fresh ingredients. Spago follows this tradition by preparing its pasta from scratch.

6) Lucky’s Restaurant and Bar at Fallsview Casino Resort

The Fallsview Casino Resort overlooks Niagara Falls, which gives visitors a terrific view while enjoying games and a great meal. You’ll like the unique menu at Lucky’s, which offers Irish delicacies, including Cornish hen, fish and chips, meatloaf, and seared salmon prepared by chefs who have mastered making the most of the Emerald Isle’s coasts. And if you want to eat simple, you can always just get a burger or tasty sourdough chicken clubhouse sandwich.

Don’t forget to look at the cocktail menus and ask your server about custom drinks!

7) The Weirs at Casino Rama

Do you enjoy breakfast food? Go to The Weirs for a simple but intimate setting where you can have a conversation. Enjoy a breakfast bowl or omelette and a drink, like the Bloody Caesar or a mimosa, depending on what you like. The Weirs completes its menu with Benedict Bonanza, a take on Benedict, steak, and eggs, as well as a simple grilled cheese Western sandwich. You’ll do well no matter what you pick!


As you can see from the list above, a variety of excellent dining options will make your Ontario casino experience stand out. Our restaurant selections offer an appealing range of cuisines, and we suggest you visit more than one during your getaway. And while the delicious food and company at a resort are great, you’ll find the casinos with the highest payout percentages quite rewarding, too.

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