Where To DINE Now: Tandoori Flame

Bollywood comes to Mississauga
There are many roads that lead to the cuisine of India, and they all meet at Tandoori Flame, the largest Indian buffet in North America.
Who knew? It’s a gastronomic visit to India without a passport.
First, we meander along the counters marveling at the 150 different selections. There are Gol Gappas, Papri Chat, Bhel Puri, Samosas. We admire the Tandoori Kabobs and Tikkas, and take note of the many luscious vegetarian items. Every regional Indian cuisine is offered, providing tantalizing samples of Punjab, Delhi, and Rajasthan specialties. Even cocktails have been created to match well with the cuisine. Where to begin?
I start with an intriguing soup along with some crunchy vegetable pakoras, slightly apprehensive that I could be overwhelmed by spicy heat. They have been careful, and the seasoning in every dish is mild to medium. Want more heat? Just ask and they will comply.
Young owner, Shraey Gulati, has set out to be the best, and it appears he has succeeded. The success of Tandoori Flame–the largest Indian buffet in North America–showcasing the vast range of Indian cuisine in Brampton and in Mississauga, has enabled talk of a possible opening in Toronto.
The variety of curries is exciting. Butter chicken, Goat curry, Chicken Biryani, Daal, several types of Paneer, and my plate is almost full, except for a few samples of Naan.
What’s this? The sound of a drum and music. And here are costumed dancers whirling and twirling. It is all simply great fun.
Then I am back at the buffet for what turns out to be my favourite. Lamb chops and chicken from the Tandoor oven have the complex flavour and tenderness that I always appreciate in fine Indian cuisine.
Sauces. Chutneys. Pickles. Breads. It’s a monsoon of palate pleasing choices. And there are fresh fruit juices, traditional desserts and pastries. To taste it all will require at least three more visits. And I certainly plan to do that.

~ Tandoori Flame, 905-502-8555, 5975 Mavis Rd, Mississauga ~


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