The Residential Touch

I dare say residential design has held second place to commercial design for the longest time. Was it with a desire for acceptance that designer rooms emulating corporate starkness and uniform one-size-fits-all hotel design filled home magazines? Happily, the current versions of open interiors and warm artful spaces foster personal care and individual expression.

The ripple of change that returns coddling to residential design is transposing creature comforts into offices too. We have all recently endured lots of discomfort and the style setters in all design fields seem to be bearing in mind that human beings go through tough times.

Microsoft conference room image courtesy Steelcase
An executive who’s been sitting at home, feather pillows behind the back, a lap top literally on the lap and snacks close by, wants to return to an office that offers a way to strategize in comfort.
Microsoft Amsterdam Office courtesy Steelcase
In response, big office outfitters, like Steelcase, have collaborated with residential designers, like Tom Dixon and Moooi. We watched the walls come down between kitchen/ living/ dining rooms in residences. Steelcase’s open space design for Microsoft features a reception counter, coffee bar and lounge.
Mackinac modular components by Steelcase
Instead of a small office for support staff, a coordination of desks, chairs, bookcase and lounge turns each person’s work area into a microzone. Space throughout a converted warehouse and you have collaborative flow, add a bed and this is a student’s room! Convert the eat-in kitchen and you equip a work-from-home Mom.
Brody chair image courtesy Steelcase
This new development in isolated work spaces delivers comfort and focus with full tech capability. The Brody office-in-a-lounge chair could sit anywhere.
Modern office with Maa armchair courtesy Brabbu
Beautiful lounge chairs are key features of office settings. Top executives have long understood that the residential designer who knows them well will create a work setting that reflects their character. The level of style has always denoted the responsibility of the person.
Home office courtesy Covet House
Residential designers have been obliged to take a step forward when creating home offices. Integrated fullness characterizes the new home office, curated for high style.
Desk vignette courtesy Covet House
Creating a beautiful area around the desk doesn’t necessarily take a lot of space. It takes an application of style.
Working from home with Covet House
The poles have shifted. Commercial design is emulating residential design in its orientation to human-ness. How will you outfit your work space to buffer the bumps of the day?

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  • I love this! Beautiful contemporary furniture but so much warmth and depth. The increase of energy flow in the work spaces is so apparent, so practical yet invigorating! The shape and textures are so inviting, comfortable yet stimulating. As always,
    splendidly orchestrated, Lois.

  • Insightful topic and so illustrative of the moment we live in – the confluence, interconnectedness, and reflection of domestic life on work life environments. Bravo for addressing this. The article is truly enriched by the author’s carefully curated selection of photos – her choice in interior shots does much to enhance the reader’s understanding. Will keep an eye out for work spaces which purposely reflect the comforts of home – enlightening presentation – thank you from New York!

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