The Lindt Gold Bunny is Here in Time for Easter

Lindt Chocolate Bunnies

Where did the Easter Bunny come from? The story goes, that in 1700, a family of Dutch immigrants brought the tradition of an adorable, long-eared bunny with them to Pennsylvania. At Easter, they had people believe, it would lay coloured eggs and place them in nests in the tall grass for all the children to find.

I believe a different story. In fact, I know that Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs are brought to us by Lindt Chocolate, makers of the most wonderful variety of smooth luscious chocolate and available world-wide.

Lindt Chocolate Bunny in Basket
Lindt Chocolate Bunny in Basket
For over 70 years, the world has welcomed the Lindt Gold Bunny into their homes as part of their Easter traditions. Wrapped in its iconic gold foil with a red ribbon and golden bell, this smooth milk chocolate is the perfect gift for kids and adults alike. And, it’s also available in dark, white and hazelnut milk chocolate. There are even ones decorated with floral gold foil. I remember the excitement of getting a Lindt Gold Bunny at Easter when I was a child, and so do my children who are passing the tradition on in their families.

Still a delightful surprise at the dining table, is a Lindt Gold Bunny at each place setting. That would require a little note: To Be Opened After Dinner.

Lindt Easter Egg Hunt
Lindt Easter Egg Hunt
Lindor Chocolate Mini Eggs are individually wrapped, available in milk, dark and white chocolate, and are the perfect size to fit into the smallest or largest basket and hidden around the house. Dark chocolate with delectably smooth centres is one of my favourites. Or, they could be placed as a last-minute surprise in the garden for an Easter Egg Hunt.

And there is more. I love the Lindt Milk Chocolate Candy Coated Mini Eggs. This is the classic pastel coloured Easter Eggs made with gourmet Swiss milk chocolate covered in a crunchy candy shell. The best of both worlds—candy and chocolate.

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Lindt Easter Eggs and Bunnies
Lindt Easter Eggs and Bunnies
Lindt carries on the sweet Easter traditions for us in their most elegant and delicious manner.

We can get everything we need to make our Easter moments magical at any Lindt Chocolate Shop or

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