Weekend Staycation at St. Regis Hotel

A weekend at the cottage holds no appeal for me. I prefer a weekend in the city. A stay-cation at the luxurious St. Regis Hotel is my idea of a getaway.

The dramatic black and white marble entrance of St. Regis takes us far away from the chrome-to-chrome traffic of Bay St. An afternoon of quiet comfort enjoying a book with a cup of Sloane Tea passes quickly. And the welcome gift of a chocolate replica of the hotel as well as other sweets is appreciated.

Tonight, we will walk over to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner. Strolling along King St. we pass the Walk of Fame plaques, and are amused by U.S. visitors as they read the names, exclaiming, “I didn’t know he was Canadian.” From our lovely corner table at La Fenice, we have a view of the dining room and the street scene. Tonight, there is a surprise. Chef Rocco has introduced his new Grill Menu featuring Certified Canadian Angus Beef. A 14 oz. Ribeye comes the way I always hope for: sizzling, medium rare, alone on the plate with a ramekin of zesty Chimichurri sauce. This 14 ouncer is only $34. Surely they have made an error. No mistake. They are introducing the splendid grill menu with gentle pricing.
La Fenice
Returning to the hotel, is a ten minute walk. We both know exactly what we want. From our ultra comfortable beds, we become engrossed in watching a tv movie.

Sunday a.m. we could go for a swim in the gorgeous pool or have a workout at the gym. But, there are few things in our daily lives that relax us more than a leisurely bath and shower in a large marble bathroom with a heated floor. Extra fluffy robes and cozy slippers entice us to stay, but hunger kicks in. It’s time for a late breakfast in the splendour of the Louis Louis dining room. Avocado toast with smoked salmon and a sunny side up egg is quite a treat, and two poached eggs with smoked salmon on an English muffin, along with several cups of coffee prepare us the for day.
St Regis
How often have we thought of spending an afternoon at the AGO but never had enough time. Following the map of exhibits, we see Brian Jungen Friendship Center, an exploration of his work in which he reassembles existing consumer products to make potent new forms. And we are given a few minutes in the Yayoi Kusama Mirrored Infinity Room. We cannot tear ourselves way. The AGO closes at 5:00pm, and we are the last to leave.

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Chinese food is what we like on Sundays, and we are lucky to have a reservation at Lee, Susur Lee’s exceptional restaurant. Singaporean style slaw is the dish that’s everyone’s favorite, and they wouldn’t dare remove it from the menu.

Lee Restaurant

Returning home in the evening, we both admit that we’ve had a great weekend, and it seems like we’ve been away for a week.

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