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Rubelli Venezia

Behind the scenes of the world of interior design is an ongoing creative turmoil of change. Recently the whole state of design made a massive shift. Everything is so different that sophisticates who used to be confident in their taste are asking teens for advice.

The trouble is, design relies on a schooled sense of balance in every sense of the word. Teens aren’t there yet. They understand inexpensive fads.

So where are we now? How does it look in actual rooms?

The answers are in a zone above and behind the upper levels of professional design where the why and the how have reasons and meanings.

Paul Frey
Photo Courtesy Pierre Frey Paris

That region holds the noble elegant age-old textile makers based in Paris, Venice and Rome who only sell to professional designers. Their styles and proclamations influence the look of the top international projects. I’ll reference them as we go along.

The design styles from leading practitioners trickle down to the home decor marketplace.

Other controlling factors live in the surge and shift of ideas shaped by world news, film and art. For instance when people react to politics with an unrest that resembles a previous decade, its style resurfaces. Mid Century is important for good reason.

rubelli magento
Photo Courtesy of Rubelli Casa

Changes at home come from women. Watch Sharon Stone take on third world issues and Nicole Kidman face Hollywood while Jane Fonda gets arrested on purpose every Friday in Washington. Today’s Divas are making things difficult not for their personal comfort but for the state of things.

What is happening in the look of the rooms? Having swung as far as possible toward minimalism the pendulum is swinging the other way. The ultra hard edge is softening.

Cabinet Pulls
Photo Courtesy of Lois Macaulay Design

Where to start? Try adding a diva-worthy detail to the sameness.

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This is an easy one. The modern kitchen has flat cabinet doors with same-same skinny silver handles or tiny nail-breaking bars underneath. Its lack of sex appeal is seen from everywhere in the living space. What can a beautiful woman do to make it her own? Simple. Add gorgeous cabinet pulls. This is an upgrade you can add to a rental as well as the condo or home you own. It is going to be an investment. It is not going to be as expensive as any of the flooring upgrades. But be prepared to budget $50 per handle. Chose ones with holes that line up with the existing holes.

Photo Courtesy Pullcast

We know the allure of a simple dress with stunning jewelry. The same applies for modern cabinets with drop-dead handles.

Check back next week as we roll out deep insights, simple steps and everything in between for divas at home.

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