Sizzling Summer Barbecue: Best Cuts from The Butcher Shoppe

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Dads and grills make the perfect pair, and require the most premium and artisanal cuts of meat. Nothing excites the home grill master more. The unmistakable allure of the backyard barbecue begins with the tantalizing scent from the grill wafting through the air, the smoke, and the sound of sizzling steaks caramelizing above flames. This “scared fire pit” is a hallmark of summer that excites out palates and brings us together.

The Butcher Shoppe, renowned for unique high-end product, has revealed the Burger of the Season: Australian Wagyu Beef & Spanish Iberico Pork Burgers. These are worth a double-take and a double-serving. Succulent, juicy and distinctively sweet, they’re a beautiful blend of two of the most coveted proteins with unparalleled wow factor.

Kimono Butcher, Wagyu Auction, Himeji, Japan, 2024, The Butcher Shoppe
Kimono Butcher, Wagyu Auction, Himeji, Japan, 2024, The Butcher Shoppe

Gone are the days when pre-packaged processed meats from the supermarket would suffice. Now, home grill-masters are more refined. We source the most interesting ingredients for marinades and rubs. Oil and butter have been replaced by tallow—wagyu tallow. And the most discriminating palates of those who aim to impress, select only specific quality cuts.

The Butcher Shoppe has elevated our home-grilling by sourcing the finest product, locally and around the world. It has maintained the same credo that its boutique family-run business has been serving those with discerning tastes for forty years: quality over quantity and cost-effectiveness. Everything is freshly hand-cut-to-order by artisanal butchers—without exception—using traditional methods of butchery, aging, smoking, pickling and curing. We can trust this butcher.

Allan Weisberg and sons Noah and Stacey of The Butcher Shoppe bidding at the 2024 Japanese Wagyu World Auction
Allan Weisberg and sons Noah and Stacey of The Butcher Shoppe bidding at the 2024 Japanese Wagyu World Auction

2024 Japanese Wagyu World Auction

The Butcher Shoppe recently received the honour of an exclusive invitation to attend the prestigious 2024 Japanese Wagyu World Auction in Himeji, Japan. This event is a magnet for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. It’s the ultimate showcase of Japan’s beef culture, where discerning buyers from around the world converge to bid on the finest Wagyu. Here, The Butcher Shoppe successfully bid on the pinnacles of Wagyu excellence.

Awaji Virgin Beef is renowned for its quality, originates from cattle bred on Awaji Island and the Tajima area of Hyogo. Hokkaido Eden Beef hails from the pristine landscapes and breathtaking beauty of Hokkaido. These cattle lead a life of tranquility and nourishment, resulting in beef of exceptional quality and taste.
Awaji Virgin Island Beef, Hokkaido Eden Beef

The Deep Cuts

No meat is frozen; it’s always fresh, hand-cut, and includes products that are not available anywhere else. This is key. When we want authentic Kobe beef, or specialty brands of Wagyu, there is nowhere else to source these products in the range of cuts offered, from organic to the most unique international finds.

The Ultimate Burger Patty

This Ultimate BBS Creation pushes the envelope with the rich, buttery marbling of Wagyu Beef paired with the nutty, juicy sweetness of Iberico Pork. Silky in texture, it’s an umami-bursting palate seducer. Present a box of nine 6 oz patties to Dad, and that scratch on the car is instantly forgotten.

Australian Wagyu Beef & Spanish Iberico Pork Burgers
Australian Wagyu Beef & Spanish Iberico Pork Burgers

Wine Beef

This is the culinary matrimony: Kobe Beef married to Kobe Wine. Sourced from Hyogo Prefecture where healthy, happy cows are fed a grape lees by-product from the local wine production, the resulting higher polyphenol levels in the cows enable lower stress levels that yield even more tenderness in the beef.

Snow Aged Wagyu Beef

Sourced from Niigata Prefecture on the Japan Sea Side, where winters are harsh and there is a massive amount of snowfall, the beef is aged in a yukimoro room which is like a natural refrigerator, insulated and covered with snow and ice for a humid, cold, natural aging. After thirty days what is yielded is a sweeter, mellower taste with more free amino acids that enable more pronounced umami. So soft, it’s like cutting through a cloud.

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snow-aged wagyu
Snow-Aged Wagyu

Kobe Beef

There are very few purveyors of this product endowed with the seal of approval to procure it with respect and consistency, but The Butcher Shoppe has earned the rare honour to do so. They display the Bronze Statue appointed by the Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association. Only cattle that meet a specific marbling score of 8 or more with very strict criteria for the texture, weight and profile in order to be certified as “Kobe Beef.”

Iberico Pork

Iberico pork comes from the black pig, Pata Negra, in the western region of Spain. A genetic defect causes its fat to be absorbed into its meat. Known as the “Four-Legged Olive Tree,” it has rich marbling and unique flavour due to its free-range rearing in oak groves and pastures to feed naturally on acorns and grass. This pork has a delicate sweetness unlike any other pork.

Iberico Pork
Iberico Pork

Check here for the full collection of exciting products from the most trusted butcher in Toronto, including 100% locally-raised, free-run Ontario poultry, air-chilled to help retain its beautiful colour and natural flavour without extra water weight. Also check out the palate-popping steak spice, and A5 wagyu beef tallow. (Free deliveries across the GTA right to your front door for orders over $250.)

The Butcher Shoppe, steak
The Butcher Shoppe

Recipes to Innovate and Elevate

The Butcher Shoppe is a “fresh house,” customizing fresh-to-order and cut-to-order for restaurants, chefs and home-consumers. Every day, 100,000lbs of protein are hand-cut, from beef, veal, lamb, bison, chicken and pork to game meats like venison, Cornish, quail, guinea-fowl, squab, and even seafood. There are cuts and brands that cannot be found anywhere else, and they are dry-aged, grass-fed, halal and organic. There are even customized boxes like the Kid’s Box , Keto Box, Family Box, and Tailgate Box. These days, more than ever, we want the personal interaction and the trust in quality with our butcher the way generations did before us. We have that in The Butcher Shoppe.

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