Sichuan Hot Pots for Cold Nights

Chinese Hot Pot

Move over Kung Fu Panda. Hello Sichuan Kungfu Fish!
We want something different. And for a different kind of dining experience, we’re willing to go out and find it. We almost give up searching for Sichuan Kung Fu Fish in the rabbit warren of strip malls in Richmond Hill, but I’m so glad we’ve persevered. Inside the restaurant, there’s the kind of conviviality that happens naturally when groups of people are enjoying good food. Here, the hot pot trend has been given a roundhouse kick to the palate. And at our table, let the fun begin!

Mason jars of white peach and blueberry Oolong tea are light and refreshing while we peruse the extensive menu. Everything comes in regular size and large size.

Basa, cod, haddock, seafood and vegetables marinate in fish-shaped hot pots until our server sets them alight and we watch them cook and absorb all that colour and flavour. Our Seafood Combination of basa, scallops, clams, shrimps, mussels and squid is a feast for the senses. (Check out this HOT POT VIDEO from our dinner at Sichuan KungFu Fish.)

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The vibrant colours from the chopped chili to the broccoli being steamed in the pot, and the aromas wafting from it set the stage for the bold flavours of garlic and chili peppers emblematic of Sichuan style. All the meaty fish, vermicelli, vegetables, mushrooms and Chinese yams simmer and stew as we delight in our new-found flavour-extravaganza in Richmond Hill: a fish in a fish! Our flavour-high carries us happily all the way home.
~ Sichuan Kung Fu Fish, 9021 Leslie St, Richmond Hill, 905-881-1338 ~

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