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Japan is brimming with exciting new openings for family travel that are thrilling visitors with unique attractions that have to be experienced to be believed.

The hottest emerging region in Tokyo has got to be Odaiba. There are so many exciting new openings that make a visit here essential. Among them, a massive shopping mall has been converted into a theme park called Immersive Fort Tokyo. Inspired by London’s interactive theatre shows, visitors enter into the world of the story as it unfolds through the park. Adventure through the murder-mystery of The Sherlock – Baker Street Murder Case, the Jack the Ripper horror maze, and Anime-themed escape rooms.

Immersive Fort Tokyo, photo courtesy of Immeserive Fort Tokyo

Since teamLab Planets in Odaiba won the World Travel Awards for “Asia’s Leading Tourist Attraction 2023”, it’s opened multiple locations across Japan. This spellbinding confluence of art, science and technology can now be experienced in a variety of ethereal dreamscapes from One Continuous Borderless World in Tokyo, to Nagai Botanical Gardens in Osaka, to A Forest Where Gods Live in Saga Prefecture, Kyushu, and Future Park in Okinawa. A new location is also coming soon to Kyoto!

teamLabs, Mori Building, Tokyo
teamLabs, Mori Building, Tokyo, Erhan Turel,unsplash

Where all that glitters is goldfish, the Art Aquarium Museum has reopened as a permanent exhibit in Tokyo’s Ginza district. The concept here is that rare, unusual and common goldfish are all living pieces of art from which to be mesmerized as they swim through all shapes and sizes of glass installations and corridors, illuminated by multi-coloured lights and projections.

Art Aquarium Museum, Tokyo
Art Aquarium Museum, photo courtesy of Art Aquarium Museum

Japanese animation enthusiasts know the works of Ghibli, the renowned animation film studio. Ghibli Park in Nagoya has launched its latest attraction based on the animations “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service.” Explore the spooky Valley of Witches and Howl’s Castle, rides and flying machines all inspired by Ghibli Studio’s animations will inspire and delight the young and young at heart.

Construction is complete! The world’s first Nintendo Museum is set to open in Uji, Kyoto this fall. The museum will showcase a dazzling display of its early playing card printers and everything from the Nintendo Switch to present-day video games. Anticipation is very high. It’s on like Donkey Kong!

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Super Nintendo World
Super Nintendo World, Romeo, unsplash

Not to be outdone, Super Nintendo World has now opened in Osaka. Power-Up in this life-sized Mushroom Kingdom of interactive games and adventures. Get adrenalized, racing on cutting-edge technology Mario Karts while challenging enemies with shells. Hop on Yoshi for a thrilling ride along Mount Beanpole in search of treasure. Dine on Mario-themed dishes like Green Shell Calzone Filled with Yakisoba & Cheese at Yoshi’s Snack Island. This is a dream-turned-reality for family fun!

teamLab, Saga, Japan
teamLab, Saga_Nichika Yoshida, unsplash

Excitement awaits visitors to Japan who crave inspiration and rejuvenation through immersive and interactive experiences that are totally unique to Japan.

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