More Things to do in Toronto With Kids

We’re always looking for fun and interesting things to do with our toddlers. The best experiences are the ones in which we can share and bond with them. Even if they’re still too young for a lot of activities, and winter further narrows the options, we’ve discovered some really exciting things to do! Indoor activities aren’t dependent on weather—just crowds (and nap time), so wherever it is, get there early!

Here is the second batch of ideas in, probably, a 5000 part series….

Candy Land

Do not adjust your eyes–this is not Wonkavision. Picture a massive jungle gym twenty-feet high with tube slides, wavy slides, swings and obstacles all shaped and coloured like candy! Wide-eyed my son climbs up excitedly and slides down with giggles. This newfound terrain is a 13,000 sq. ft. dreamscape of fun. We sit in little cars and race around with other children. We dodge a ball shower, climb walls, and stomp on the eye-click interactive floor game. Here, my son and I squish projected images of ketchup and mustard for points! At every turn we are mesmerized. Like kids in a candy store, we want it all, and never want to leave! (For more info go to:

Zoo Land

Zoo Land

From the makers of Candyland comes this zoo themed indoor amusement park. It looks Amazonian, except the wild animals are children. Everywhere! Apparently this is the place to be for the 1 – 12 crowd. There’s the ball fountain, eye click interactive floor game, wave slides and tube slides; there’s X-box games and wall climbing, but what takes our breath away is the sater effect drop slide. My son clings tightly to me (he thinks I’m not afraid), and swoosh! We slide down so fast, and then he leaps up and tugs me through jungle-themed obstacles toward the ladder to do it again. My only recommendation here is to bring your own thermos of coffee. My Tarzan days are long behind me. There is a more tame toddler area, but my son is content to swing around everything in the room. It’s wild. (For more info go to:

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Lego Land

Seated within a chariot my toddler and I set out to rescue the princess on Kingdom Quest Laser Ride. Neither of us really knows what we’re doing, but who doesn’t enjoy zapping gargoyles and beasts with lasers? Disembarking at the end of the cave we enter a zone of lego-made replicas and cityscapes. He loves pushing buttons to illuminate each installation. We enter the main hall. I follow my son as he races into the Star Wars model room to push more buttons that ignite holographic duels between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader. In the main lego zone we find pits of lego pieces from which to construct buildings and even make cars—sort of. We test our racers on looped tracks and watch them go! This is really a place to get our children’s minds working and creating. I love watching my son’s imagination at play. (For more info go to:


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