Hong Kong…A Paradise For Food Lovers

Hong Kong

It’s no secret that Hong Kong is a paradise for food-lovers. In this land ‘where East meets West’, every type of cuisine imaginable can be found. Famous hotels and restaurants, with their equally famous chefs, offer dishes from around the world in spectacularly-designed dining rooms, while at street level enticing, inexpensive snacks can be enjoyed by everyone. And in between, there’s a dish and a budget for everyone. While many travelers wish to experience the cuisine of the locals when they are on the road, especially in a place as renowned for food as Hong Kong, this can sometimes be a confusing task.

Enter the Central & Sheung Wan Foodie Tour! This English-speaking walking tour has been designed to help visitors taste their way through the old neighbourhoods of Central and Sheung Wan. During the three-and-a-half-hour tour, we discover some of Hong Kong’s favourite foods: wonton noodles, shrimp dumplings, barbecued pork rice, Chinese tea, exotic juices, egg tarts and more.
Along the way, we not only savour local cuisine, but also learn about local history, culture and lifestyle. And with the “foodie” booklet in hand, we even learn some Cantonese phrases. It’s really not hard to say “thank you”, “delicious” and “very full” in Cantonese … a skill that can be brought home to Canada and used, no doubt to much appreciation, in the many Chinese restaurants here.

The Hong Kong “foodie” tasting tours are formally known as the Central & Sheung Wan Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tours. They have been ranked #3 of all Hong Kong tours by Tripadvisor and can be booked online. People with special dietary requirements such as vegetarians, diabetics and those allergic to seafood or peanuts can be accommodated, but these requests should be made at the time of tour booking.

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