Harlequin Spring

Virtus handbags courtesy Versace Yorkville

Harlequin patterns are the dernier cris. Early 2023 showed handbags with harlequinade motifs in virtually every international fashion brand’s offerings. The Versace Virtus bag collection features quilting in Harlequin’s distinctive elongated diamond shape on fur or leather.

Dedar textiles
Dedar textiles courtesy Theo Decor
Textile companies that supply products to professional designers are making sure to include the look in their lines. Style leader Dedar weighs in with Amulato and Tiger Beat, luxurious jacquard velvet upholstery fabrics available at Theo Decor.
Spring-Summer at Armani.com
Spring-Summer at Armani.com
The first prize goes to Georgio Armani. The Spring Summer collection “Prive” is 100% Harlequin inspired. Garments are feminine, flattering and elegant. The music accompanying the runway show is classical and beautiful. A delightful change after the rough edges of the last decade’s couture collections.
Spring-Summer at Armani.com
Spring-Summer at Armani.com
The accessories are so clever. Diamond colour-block pumps, T-strap shoes with a flower, small dressy bags, variations on the tiny hat worn over one eye. The multicolour satin camisole would jump start any number of outfits. The runway show demonstrates that Armani has the skill to compose variations on a theme that rival Beethoven’s ability to spin variations on a melody.
Harlequin through history
Harlequin through history
I cast my eye back to moments in the past when culture was inspired by Harlequin and found Yves St. Laurent couture, Leon Bakst for Ballet Russe and Picasso who kept returning to the character from 1901 to 1970.

I have been wondering why this influence is appearing again now. Could one reason be in the diamond shapes? Much like hexagons, triangles and diamonds are meaningful geometric forms that make up nicely into patterns, merging intelligence with aesthetics. And since any Diva worth the title is as smart as she is beautiful, dear reader, I bring this to your attention.

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  • What a beautiful Armani collection…so feminine and so stylish! The shoes, the fabrics and the designs are spectacular! The “harlequin look” is so romantic yet whimsical in an elegant way. Thank you, Lois, for a beautiful presentstion.

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