Easy and Delicious Subscription to Smoothies

I need to hear two things when someone shares a healthy concept with me: 1. It’s delicious. 2. It requires zero effort from me. Otherwise, I’m a hard sell and I’m not going to make it through Day One.

Recently I received a box of Goodfood Smoothies. I stored them in my freezer and there they remained. After a few days time, I needed to go grocery shopping. The problem was, I’m lazy, and so I didn’t want to go. I remembered what I’d shelved in my freezer, and that is when my Goodfood awakening began.

The directions are right there on the container, and they’re simple enough that I can follow them before I have a chance to say, “This is too complicated.” Open the container; pour in some milk; empty all the contents into the blender; pour them back into the container; and drink. I can do this.

Goodfood SmoothiesFirst up: Cold Brew Crisp. This is a blend of cold-brewed coffee mixed with cocoa nibs, vanilla bean paste, banana, maca powder, cashew butter, and Himalayan pink salt. First of all, there’s no way I could have found all those ingredients, let alone known which ingredients to buy or their correct proportions for this recipe. For example, maca is like God’s Viagra, it is potent energy, but it tastes awful on it’s own, and it’s hard to pair; and yet when combined with the right amount of cocoa nibs and coffee beans? Wow! This is too good to be healthy. I enjoy this beverage so much. It is refreshing, clean, light, nutraceutical, and yes, delicious and easy!

Day Two: How about waking to a Macadamia Sunrise? Macadamia nuts are creamy, and when combined with avocado, banana and coconut butter, the texture is luscious. Apple wedges, red cherries, a sprinkling of flax and touch of Himalayan pink salt give depth of flavour; and all the ingredients are real—there’s no “natural flavouring.” It’s as though I’ve got a bespoke smoothie-tender to run out and fetch everything I need from a specialty food shop. It is so good. My partner picks up on my enthusiasm and hints at a taste. “No,” I grin. “This one’s mine.”

Even if I had the time and the money to go around and find all these ingredients, I wouldn’t do it, because it would be too big a commitment, and then all the preparation followed by all the clean up; and that’s assuming I would even know the right recipes. Now, it’s all done for me: pre-measured and ready to go.

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Goodfood SmoothiesI blend the Boreal Berry with apple cider. This elixir of raspberries, strawberries, banana, wild blueberries, chaga, kale, sunflower seeds and maple nuggets, bursting with ripe citrus, is chock full of antioxidants and fibre, and makes me feel like I’m starting the day off right, and that today, I can walk to work rather than drive.

This is like an Uber for my energy: pick-me up in the morning, blast through the mid-day wall, and carry-over in the evening. There are over ten unique blends of locally sourced, flash-frozen superfoods packed with energy, protein and fibre, from Harvest Spice, Carrot Ginger and Mango Goji to Cocoa Mint Boost and Peanut Butter Cup. It’s more energizing than a coffee, more satisfying than any snack, and actually motivates me to maintain a healthier, more active attitude throughout the day. I made it through Day One, and have ordered a new shipment of smoothies from the Goodfood website for the next month. Good health is one sip away.

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