Flowers, Rum and Paragliding in Martinique


With a moniker like “The Island of Flowers”, you just know Martinique elevates the beauty of The Caribbean to new levels. The entire island – a dynamic landscape of dense rain forests, mountain peaks, white sand beaches, and even a volcano – has been recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. As if the spectacular topography and vast swathes of blooming wildflowers wasn’t enough reason to visit, Martinique also boasts the perfect blend of French and West Indian culture, expressed through its architecture and cuisine.

With sightseeing on the top of every visitor’s itinerary, a more adventurous way to see the sights of Martinique is becoming increasingly popular – one that offers a unique bird’s eye view of the destination’s most scenic vistas. Both paragliding and parasailing are increasingly accessible (and endlessly exhilarating) ways to appreciate the beauty of Martinique. Soar over a storied church, descend from a verdant cliff, and wave to the sailboats as you drift on the winds above an endless azure expanse. First timers are not only welcome but encouraged!

Paragliding is a growing adventure sport, equal parts thrilling and tranquil. Martinique’s Caribbean Parapente offers professional and certified instructors who will guide you through the experience, ensuring your safety and providing expert knowledge. Whether you’re seeking a solo adventure, a romantic escapade, or a fun-filled family activity, paragliding offers an unparalleled experience. Choose from various flight options, including tandem flights, which allow you to share the excitement with a loved one or a skilled pilot.

If instead you feel the call of the gentle sea breeze, the Cocofly team welcomes you on the beach of Anse Mitan at Pointe du Bout. While parasailing over the bay of Fort de France, you’ll be greeted by the colourful and eclectic character of Martinique’s capital. From on high, you’ll gaze down at the Saint-Louis Cathedral, a striking blend of Gothic and Romanesque styles, symbolizing the city’s deep religious heritage. If you’re lucky or just particularly hungry, you might also catch the wafting aroma of seafood dishes, French classics, and spicy Creole specialties rising from the island’s restaurants and bistros.

See the sights of Martinique like never before. With a landscape that jumped off the pages of a fairy tale, Martinique deserves to be seen from the ultimate vantage point. Feel the wind in your hair and embrace the joy of being airborne on your next getaway to The Island of Flowers.

MARTINIQUE is The Isle of Flowers and The Rum Capital of the World, and ranks among the most alluring and enchanting destinations. An overseas Region of France nestled in the heart of The Caribbean, Martinique’s all-encompassing natural beauty and unique cultural character has elevated the destination to international acclaim. Unspoiled beaches, volcanic peaks, lush rain forests, and gently crashing waterfalls dominate much of the landscape of Martinique, providing a contrast to its pockets of classical French architecture and luxurious villas and resorts. Seamlessly blending modern conveniences and infrastructure with the most expansive green spaces in The Caribbean, Martinique is recognized as a World Biosphere Reserve, with Mount Pelée and the Pitons of Northern Martinique up for specific recognition on UNESCO’s 2023 list of Natural Sites.

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Martinique’s strong French influences are reflected in its official language and use of the Euro. Yet, the character of Martinique is distinctly its own: the island’s musical heritage, art, culture, and cuisine proudly honour its Creole roots. Fort-de-France, the island’s vibrant capital, showcases this dichotomy brilliantly: here, colourful dwellings mingle with sprawling gardens and stoic French cathedrals along the crescent of a scenic bay. Martinique’s rich heritage is equally evident in its dynamic cuisine, reputed to borrow all the best parts from African, and Indian traditions. With over 365 restaurants and 12 rum distilleries, Martinique is where the flavours of The Caribbean come alive.

Natural wonders, inspired gastronomy, and an inimitable cultural heritage comes together in Martinique, The Caribbean’s foremost eco-destination. In 2023, Martinique claimed a coveted spot on The New York Times’ list of 52 Places to Go. The island has been twice recognized by Travel Weekly with a Gold Magellan Award as a top culinary destination, and a Silver Award as a Family-Friendly Destination.

Weekly, direct flights from Toronto to Martinique on Air Canada begin December 16th, 2023.

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