First Day of Spring

Spring is like a long distance relationship—it’s always fresh.

Right about now we’re hanging up our skates, eating our last butternut squash ever, and enjoying deep breaths without our nostrils freezing together.

The Boys of Summer are returning for their Opening Day game. And they’ll never be more loved than right now—when every single team in the league is tied for first place.

It’s also a great time to be a forager. And the first fresh produce of the year, tart rhubarb is in season. I don’t actually eat that, but it excites me, because like a bellwether vegetable, it lets me know that the products I actually do enjoy are just around the corner, like fiddleheads. I love watching them pop up out of the ground like aliens stretching their tentacles in slow motion, and then I cut them off before they grow into ferns, and stir-fry them in a wok.

With each passing day there’s more sunlight! And Vitamin D! You remember Vitamin D don’t cha? It’s that, that thing we’ve been missing the last half-year that’s made us all look and feel like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. It’s ok, though, we made it through.


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There’s a collective anticipation that this spring will bring a new chance, a new start, something exciting to look forward to. There’s optimism in the air. Can you feel it?

One caveat though: seasons have egos, so I know there will be one more Arctic blast; one more sinus infection; one more day that I wear my running shoes prematurely and get them soaked in slush, catch a cold and curl up on the couch with Echinacea and Judge Judy. We’re right between sleigh rides at sugar shacks, and driving with the top down, singing “Pour Some Sugar On Me.”

Fiddleheads, Deerhurst
Fiddleheads at great the Canadian getaway, Deerhurst Resort,

So, here’s what I suggest to celebrate this auspicious new beginning and put spring in your step:

  • Call up a friend to be your partner, and start a walking routine.
  • Drink light rosé or sparkling rosé. This sings of spring and pairs with salads, lamb, Easter eggs and fireworks.
  • Treat yourself to a post-hibernation facial, massage, hair cut, etc.
  • Check out your local summer concert series, because there are always ones you didn’t know about, but won’t want to miss (Pre-pandemic tours that are back on again!)
  • Plan something different–just one thing–like a weekend getaway to somewhere you’ve never been.
  • Plant a fruit, vegetable or herb that you always wanted to include in your garden, balcony or window sill.
  • Box up your winter clothes; air out your summer ones.
  • Leave out a few winter clothing items that you might consider donating to a shelter.
  • Quit coffee. Nah, just kidding. Double up!
  • It’s not too late to join a gym. Spring resolutions last much longer than New Year’s resolutions. You can do it!
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