Cocoa Nib Crusted Pork Tenderloin

Green & Blacks Chocolate

To convey the versatility of their chocolate, Green & Black’s sought Chef Lora Kirk of famed Toronto restaurant, Ruby Watchco. Kirk’s original recipes include Cocoa Nib Crusted Pork Tenderloin with Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate & Red Wine Jus. Tender, succulent pork tenderloin with red wine jus is gently seared, and crusted in Green & Black’s Organic Dark 70% Chocolate. The sweet notes of the pork marry with the bitter chocolate in culinary matrimony, as does the texture of the cocoa-y crust with juicy pork.

Pork Tenderloin
4 x 5 oz pork tenderloin portions (substitute: veal, beef tenderloin, chicken)
Pinch salt and pepper
1 tbsp vegetable oil
50 g Green & Black’s Organic Dark 70% chocolate, melted
1⁄2 cup cocoa nibs, ground in a spice mill (available at bulk food stores)

Preheat oven to 350°F/177°C. Season pork with salt and pepper. In a frying pan over medium-high heat, heat vegetable oil. Place pork portions in pan, cooking each side until caramelized and golden brown, about 2-3 minutes per side. Remove pork from pan and place in oven for 6-8 minutes, check for internal temperature of 150°F. With pastry brush, lightly cover each pork porting with melted chocolate and roll in ground cocoa nibs. Let rest for 5 minutes before serving.

Chocolate Red Wine Pork Jus
1 raw chicken leg or wing
1 chopped shallot, finely chopped
1 clove garlic
2 cups red wine
2 cups chicken stock (not broth)
2 cups pork, veal or beef stock (not broth)
4 sprigs thyme
2 bay leaves
1 tsp unsalted butter, room temperature, cut into small pieces
40 g Green & Black’s Organic Dark 70% Chocolate, very finely chopped

In a medium pot on medium-high heat, caramelize chicken pieces until golden. In a separate medium pot over medium heat, cook shallots and garlic, 2 to 3 minutes. Add cooked chicken legs to pot and deglaze with wine. Boil until liquid is reduced to a syrup consistency. Add chicken and pork stock, thyme and bay leaves. Boil until liquid is reduced by half. Strain liquid through a fine sieve and return to pot. Whisk in butter and dark chocolate shavings until smooth. Keep warm.
Green & Blacks Chocolate

Sides to Accompany Cocoa Nib Crusted Pork Tenderloin

Parsnip Purée
2 cups parsnip, peeled and roughly chopped
1⁄2 cup 35% whipping cream
Pinch salt

In a large pot over medium-high heat, bring cream, parsnips and salt just to a boil. Lower heat and simmer until parsnips are very soft. Drain parsnips, reserving cream. Blend parsnips until smooth in blender or with hand mixer, adding reserved cream if needed to reach desired consistency.

Baby Spinach
1 tbsp butter or olive oil
1 shallot, finely diced
2 bunches baby spinach

Line a plate with paper towels. In a saucepan over medium heat, melt butter and sauté shallots, 2-3 minutes. Add spinach and cook until wilted. Transfer spinach to paper towels to soak up extra moisture.

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Braised Cipollini Onions
1 tbsp vegetable oil
2 cups cipollini onions, peeled
1⁄2 cup red wine, such as Pinot Noir or other heavy bodied red

In a frying pan over medium-high heat, heat vegetable oil and sauté onions, stirring often, until golden brown and caramelized, about 2-3 minutes per side. Add red wine and reduce to low heat. Simmer until onions are cooked through and liquid is reduced to a glaze.
To assemble dish: Place parsnip purée in center of each plate. Top with baby spinach, then pork. Place cipollini onions around the circle. Pour jus over pork.

Serves 4

Recipe created by Chef Lora Kirk, Ruby Watchco Restaurant

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