Bienvenudo a Miami

Ritz Carlton South Beach

Again, it begins: snow, sleet and black ice. Like migrating birds, we answer the call of the South: blue sea, white sand and stone crab, snorkeling, scuba diving and Pina Coladas under an ocean front umbrella. We want to sail, sky-dive and walk the beach at seven a.m.

In Canada’s South (Mexico and Florida) they wait for us, knowing we will be there. They call it “high season” when prices are doubled and tripled. Airlines too, enjoy this “high season.” Ah me, it’s a compromise we make for living in the best country in the world.

For the young and the restless, the beautiful and style savvy, the restaurants and clubs of Miami’s South Beach are mecca. By midnight the sidewalks of the main avenues are as jam-packed as subway platforms at rush hour. The Ritz Carlton Hotel in South Beach is a haven of tranquility, style, good taste and innovation. They have thought of all the luxuries to delight guests.

Thursdays, it’s Bubbles and Blowouts, a haute happy hour at the salon having a shampoo and blow-dry and sipping champagne, nibbling on cheeses and luscious fruits.

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No need to ever leave the Ritz Carlton during my stay. The Club Lounge offers breakfast, light lunch, afternoon tea, cocktails, and after the dinner hour, there are liqueurs and dessert. Here is where one can meet the most interesting people: a scientist from Sweden, a horse breeder from Kentucky, and we’re all here for the same reasons.

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