Ask Sara: The Lousy Green Eyed Monster

Ask Sara

Tormented? Perplexed? Issues have you tossing and turning? The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind. Or wait! Ask Sara…

An old boyfriend of mine called me the other day to see if I would be interested in an opening at his company. The job sounds amazing. I’m qualified and hungry for a new challenge. Although there is zero chance of anything ever happening between my ex and me, my new man is outraged that I’m even considering this offer. How can I put his mind at ease, yet still proceed with this excellent career opportunity?
My dear Ambitious,
What governs the laws of love? It’s that lousy green eyed monster called jealousy. That destroyer of trust, that resentful malcontent that is rearing its miserable head. Your boyfriend is quite aware that your ex is in a position of power and can offer you something fabulous that he can’t. The more outraged he becomes about your job offer, the more insecure he is about himself and your feelings for him. Convince him that he’s your one and only. If he remains unconvinced, accept the career opportunity and dump the guy. If the job doesn’t pan out after a month or so, you can always go back to the boyfriend with the magic words all men love to hear. “You were right as usual, honey.”
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