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Tormented? Perplexed? Issues have you tossing and turning? The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind. Or wait! Ask Sara…

My supervisor wants me to be on a friendly basis with everyone so that she can then pump me for information on other employees. How can I maintain my integrity and hang onto my job?
Eye Spy

My dear Eye Spy,
Don’t get sucked into the downward spiral of crass office politics. Obviously she sees you as Miss Congeniality and trusts that your natural friendliness will prompt colleagues to confide in you. Let that be the case, but why betray them? You have to be truthful to your self, but when she asks the subject of your chat with a co-worker, say you were exchanging a recipe. Feed her boring information until she gives up on you. But don’t drop your guard. You’re being naïve if you think you’ve been singled out to spy for her. Look over your shoulder. As you were writing this note to me someone may have been spying on you.

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