Allen’s Steak Festival

It’s that time of year again. Allen’s Steak Festival! The best steak festival–in fact the only one of its kind–in Toronto, is not to be missed. Not only are the hand-cut steaks sourced and prepared with care, the organically raised, hormone-free beef, identified by breed, farm, feed and age is unrivaled. This is an opportunity to sample different kinds of steak that we’ve never tasted before. Hereford, Piemontese, Wagyu, Highland, Charolais, Limousin, Angus, or John Maxwell‘s own Dexter cattle, we’ll taste them all! From February 9th through February 28th 2016, do not miss this year’s selection of the highest quality beef in the world!
“Farming is important to me. I’m raising beef myself now and strive to provide hormone- and antibiotic- free meat. I think our food chain is very compromised. I strongly favour the natural raising of food, and serve meat at Allen’s that is generally not commercially sourced. We have a program here called “meats of designated origin,” where we provide information on the farmer, his location, the breed and the feed.” – John Maxwell

~Allen’s, 143 Danforth Ave, 416-463-3086~

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    • Hello John.
      Thank you for your question. The best thing to do is phone the restaurant. One of the great aspects of Allen’s is that the staff have been there for decades. That is incredibly rare in the restaurant industry, and shows the professionalism of their service. If you call, they will be eager to inform you. The number is (416) 463-3086. Enjoy!

  • One more thing John – My Great Grand Father Dundley Smith
    was the first person to bring The Hereford into Canada from England !
    Cheers John
    ( the artist we have met before ) and hello to Adam Waxman as well !

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