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Montreal Four Seasons Skyline

It was a chilly day in late Spring when I arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel Montreal; the kind of invigorating weather that makes me love Canada as it signals its last gasp of winter. The doorman is expecting my arrival and welcomes me by name, then hustles me and my bag into the lobby to get out of the cold. Check-in is so smooth; I hardly have a chance to admire the cutting-edge design and furnishings of the lobby–but I am charmed by the mood they evoke.

As a bonus, the hotel is situated in the heart of Montreal. Step out of the front doors and Montreal’s dynamic culture and attractions are before you, ready to explore.

Montreal Four Seasons_Bar
Montreal Four Seasons, Suite Dreams
The tone of the hotel is reflected in the art that has been curated for the public rooms. Compact without being crowded, the intelligent design is elegant and luxurious while at the same time utilitarian. I am overwhelmed by the exquisite design during my tour of the hotel. Each suite boasts a generous layout with distinct living rooms, refined areas for relaxation and entertainment, and grand bathrooms equipped with free-standing bathtubs adjacent to glass doors, enhancing the Hotel’s overall ambiance. Suite Dreams offers four suite categories: Deluxe, Executive, Premier and Signature. Designed to provide the utmost in comfort, elegance, and spaciousness, these suites are ideal for both vacations and business travels, ensuring a stay that is both memorable and unparalleled.

In the true Four Seasons style that has cultivated hospitality as an art form, every staff member makes me feel as if they are here just for me. Late afternoon finds us, as well as many others, heading to the lounge in the Marcus restaurant, to indulge in the drink du jour, Maple Martini. The earth gives humanity a gift through its maple trees, and the world’s only Maple Syrup Reserve is in Quebec. The Maple Syrup, Espresso, Vodka Martini is seductively infused with the opulent taste of maple, crafting a cocktail experience that is both unique and memorable.

Maple Martini, Marcus Bar + Lounge, Montreal Four Seasons Hotel
Maple Martini, Marcus Bar + Lounge, Montreal Four Seasons Hotel
Topped with an exquisite maple-infused foam, it introduces a lavish texture that perfectly balances the robust notes of espresso with the creamy sweetness of maple. Garnished with a stunning, hand-crafted maple tile, this cocktail not only captivates with its sensual design but also invites guests to delight in the playful and rich textures of maple. I asked for a spoon.

As the setting-sun creates rainbows of light through the sculpted glass windows, I find myself wondering if all the guests in this room are enjoying these moments as much as I am. And looking around, I think yes, they are.

At dinner at Marcus Restaurant, created by world renowned Chef Marcus Samuelson, I sense the vibes from my server, that he has a complete and personal knowledge of the menu and conveys this to me quite eloquently. The culinary team presents me with a delicious dinner of Black Cod with Sesame Crust, Edamame and Truffle Fries, having expertly re-invented the classic fish ‘n’ chips. The suggested glass of Chablis is a perfect pairing.

Montreal Four Seasons, Dining
Marcus Restaurant, Montreal Four Seasons
Many hotels have the ability to look after guests well, within their parameters. But when a guest has out of the “box” needs, she is often on her own. A mere mention of my early morning schedule is met with charming efficiency. At 5:30 a.m. my perfect breakfast is at my door, even though Room Service is not yet open. And at 7:00 a.m. my car awaits at the front door. Management has somehow imbued the hotel staff with the elusive je ne sais quoi of hospitality where I am made to feel that I am surrounded by a team of personal assistants. And this includes the warm welcome at the renowned Forbes Five-Star Guerlain Spa.  The Guerlain Spa, known for its bespoke treatments and meticulous care, presents a perfect opportunity for us to welcome the new season with both elegance and serenity.

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Guerlain Spa, Montreal Four Seasons Hotel
Guerlain Spa, Montreal Four Seasons Hotel
Hotels around the world each have their own personality that has been built-in by the triumvirate of architect, interior designer and management. Here, there is an easy flow without confusion, e.g., the elevators, front desk and restaurant, are all where I would expect them to be. The ambiance is one of security, confidence and comfort from the moment of arrival until departure. Aiding the appealing ambiance is that all the furnishings are of the perfect scale for the size and structure of the rooms, and built with the idea that comfort is key. Wherever the eye falls, there is balance, with nothing jarring or out of place.

I am reminded of a long ago visit to Japan and a stay at the Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo. Translated into English: they know where you itch, before you can scratch.

For more information, go to: www.fourseasons.com

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