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Humble Chips

It’s not a party without chips, and the more flavours, the more fun. Humble Chips cover all the flavour bases: The Original, Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar, Smokey BBQ, Creamy Dill, Honey Mustard. A few of us go through a luxurious tasting and what comes out on top are the Smokey BBQ and Honey Mustard. But I must add that the Creamy Dill adds a lot to an egg salad sandwich.

“We use only locally farmed, organic potatoes, cut slightly thicker than regular chip while leaving the skin on. We cook them traditionally before gently dusting them with the all-natural, organic seasonings created by our certified Potato Chip Chef. Then we pop them into 100% compostable bags so that when you’re finished snacking, you can toss our bag into your green bin and give back to the earth.” So says Alicia Lahey, co-founder with her husband Jeff Lahey, of the Humble Potato Chip Company. The Laheys had shifted to a more sustainable lifestyle, consuming more organic food, and working for natural and organic food companies.

And when their son was born, they became even more aware of the lack of sustainable packaging in grocery. “Well,” they said, “if no one else is going to do it, why not us?” And that was their Humble beginning.

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For more information visit https://www.humblechips.ca/

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