Six Great Holiday Gift Ideas

In my search for all that is new and fabulous, I’m happy to share with you the details of some unique products I have discovered, and tried with much enjoyment. As of right now, there is still time to get them on your “wish list” for Santa!
Ninja CREAMi

Ninja CREAMi

This brilliant appliance is for those of us who love, love, love ice cream! And that includes the Lactose Intolerant, the Vegan, the Vegetarian, the allergic as well as those who are sugar/salt free! You can make your ice cream with almond milk, oat milk, lactose free milk, cow’s milk, goat’s milk or anything that has milk in its name. How about a scoop of true vanilla with buttery pecans on your morning oatmeal? Imagine the freedom to have personalized real ice cream whenever that craving hits you, whether 1:00 am or 1:00 pm. There are seven settings on the Ninja CREAMi to help you craft the perfect frozen dessert. No flavours are off limits. The system finely shaves and churns ice particles into frozen treats, and you can add textures by using the mix-ins setting. The possibilities are endless!
ENFINIGY Electric Glass Kettle

Zwilling Enfinigy Electric Glass Kettle

Mama used to say “the watched-pot never boils.” Not any longer. This super-star kettle not only boils water to the temperature you select, but also comes with a tea-infuser-insert that steeps tea. And the eye-catching bonus is, you can watch it all happening. If you want more, (sold separately) an insert heats baby bottles and baby food, it sterilizes pacifiers and all those little items babies drop on the floor. The Zwilling Enfinigy Electric Glass Kettle has ten program settings and six temperature settings that help you make perfect Herbal Tea or aromatic Earl Grey, plus it has a 30-minute keep-warm function. A “cuppa” never had it so good!

Suckers Candy Co.

Walk into Suckers Candy Co.’s well stocked warehouse, look around, and suddenly you will become “a kid in a candy factory.” Oh, look, there are masses of Gummy Bears, Raindrop Candy Looping, Dad’s Root Beer barrels, New Bars in Town, Crazy Cures, and my favorite, Sponge Toffee. They sell a trailer load of Sponge Toffee every year! And there’s more. Hot Red Gummy Lips are such fun, and when was the last time you saw Rain-blo Gum? They sell 25,000 tubs of private label Cotton Candy a year. You can decorate your desserts with a cloud of cotton candy. And there is always something new for a more sophisticated candy lover, like Krinos- ouzo/cinnamon, eucalyptus, cinnamon, pomegranate & ouzo. Peruse the shelves of imported, unique, hot sauces, chocolate chips and condiments, and loads of sugar free candy, liquorice and sodas. Let your kids wander through a candy cane selection that is totally unavailable elsewhere: Oreo cookie, hot tamales, jelly belly and 10 other flavours in addition to the standard peppermint and cherry. Meanwhile, you can browse through the country’s largest selection of Adult Novelties, chocolate bars, mints and more! Too good not to share? They happily customize party bags and gift boxes for corporate and personal gift giving. And, they ship from coast to coast. Or they can tell you the names of the retailers who carry their products from PEI to Victoria. An unbelievable selection, and at warehouse prices, you can have tons of fun.
* The sweetest experience is to visit the warehouse at 81A Kincort St. North York, ON. Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Phone: 416-245-4200

advent calendar

Advent Calendars

Beginning on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day and leading up to the festivities of December 25, Advent is intended to be a time for Christians of self-reflection, anticipation, hope, and, ultimately, a joyful celebration of Christmas.

See Also

  • Purdy’s Winter Village Hanging Advent Calendar is simply delightful. You can make each little house, put a chocolate treat inside and hang it as a garland, or individually on a tree as a delicious decoration.
  • Purdy’s Vegan Advent Calendar let’s you count down each day with a piece of vegan 60% dark chocolate. Every bite is smooth and full of rich cocoa flavour.
  • Lindt Lindor Advent Calendar unveils an assortment of milk, white and dark Lindt Lindor truffles and mini balls. This calendar will appeal to kids (and their family.)



Bliss is a new, complete line of beauty products that are excellent as an introduction to a beauty regime. And they are suitable for all genders. To name a few: That’s Incredi-peel Spa-Strength Glycolic Resurfacing pads is a gentle yet powerful overnight facial. I carry the Hydrating Eye Gel with me in my purse. All the lovely products are available at the drug store, at drug store prices. The whole line is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, formaldehyde, mineral oil and petroleum, and are cruelty-free and vegan. The creams are water-based, for example, Drench and Quench rich hydrating cream for all day moisture. All products are light, clean and have a fresh scent.
Marvis Toothpaste


Ah, there’s that smile again. Marvis toothpaste was created in Italy more than a half century ago to aid smokers. It hasn’t changed a bit, and neither have the original mint+ flavours, such as Cinnamon mint, Amarelli liquorice Mint, Ginger Mint. This seven-tube, tasting menu gift pack lets you enjoy a different flavour every day of the week. Great for the Globetrotter.

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  • How did you know? My electric kettle just curled its toes and I was going to give hints to next of kin. Now I can send them a link to your article and note that the kettle is particularly nice! And so it is!

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