Father’s Day Brunch For A King

Everyone always makes a big deal about brunch on Mother’s Day, but not as much on Father’s Day, as if father’s don’t need brunch too. Barbecue may be in our DNA, but brunch is our favourite meal of the day.

Comfortably seated in the historic and recently renovated Sovereign Ballroom in the Omni King Edward Hotel, we are welcomed with attentive service. There is a fine line between gourmet and gourmand, and it’s one that I boldly walk between my table and the buffet repeatedly.

A selection of freshly squeezed juice and a vibrant salad station are followed by an assortment of smoked salmon, shrimp, scallops, mussels and trout; cheese and charcuterie boards; hot breakfast items; tender Ontario lamb and of course, what the Omni King Edward Hotel is known for, a beautiful Beef Wellington.

King Edward HotelBut now let’s roll up our sleeves because here’s where it gets interesting, and where the father must strategize, nay, make a plan of attack. Smashed banana and chocolate pancakes with fudge sauce, pecan brittle and whipped cream immediately set my taste receptors on high alert for decadence-overload. This is a serious kitchen that likes to play. Alright, bring it. Lip smacking ribs; cedar plank salmon; butterflied leg of lamb with tzatziki; fried chicken and cornmeal jalapeno waffles with a drizzle of bourbon and maple; key lime coconut cream pie! Overwhelmed by the richness of it all, I interrupt our waiter as he approaches to check on us. “You had me at, ‘Can I offer you something to drink’… You had me at, ‘Can I offer you something to drink’.”

Veteran Chefs Daniel Schick and Elaine Wong, along with their team, showcase their imagination and versatility in new and fun menus for each holiday, each season, and reflect their focus on hospitality and unique culinary experiences.

I rub my belly like a happy Buddha and slide the bill across the table to someone who cares. This is my day, and I am so satisfied with this flavour-forward menu that is as artful as it is thoughtful. (Pro-tip: the Omni King Edward Hotel’ s “Dad’s Lazy Sunday Breakfast” is only offered once a year, but Sunday brunch is every Sunday.)

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For more information on dining and Father’s Day Brunch go to Omni King Edward Hotel.

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