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When a friend stopped by recently, he kindly took the other end of the desk, the sofa and daybed to switch their places. The re-arrange was caused by a new drape. Two years ago, when I moved in, I made dark violet linen side panels for the bedroom window, but made do with old carry-over drapes across the center. New sheer linen panels in violet made it right. A unified window together with the summerized terrace, whose wood dining table had moved up from storage, created the general imbalance in my small open-concept space.

Many people decorate their homes when they move in and never make a change, perhaps because a proper plan was carried through? I once dined with the friend of a friend, who gave the impression of retaining every habit and conclusion developed during his university days. His home featured trophies and pinball machines, even though he counted more decades since graduating than before.

Jewelry métier

Jewelry métier photo courtesy of Hermès Canada

Oughtn’t every living thing be constantly changing? If we research an interest and follow an inspiration, help our fellows, try to refine an inclination, create inspired activities and environments, are we then living to the full?

“The radiant beauty of the world compels my inmost soul to set free the God-given powers of my nature, that they may soar.” – from a summer solstice verse

Beauty soars. Freedom soars. Casting around for an example of a space that soars. One that you could visit and experience. I remembered the little goosebumps I got every time I stepped into the Hermès store.

They are masterful at The Lift. How do they create that elevated feeling?

Detail of cabinets and stair courtesy of Hermès Canada

At Hermès you experience the heightened quality of the materials. The use of rhythm and intuitive balance are everywhere to be seen and felt. A simple colour scheme permeates all.
The stairway is a soaring sweep to a remarkable ceiling light panel. The baseboard is defined by a cut-line in an otherwise flush wood wall. The leather wrapped handrail, also flush, is offset only by the change of materials and the line of signature saddle stitching.

Hermès Canada
Tile floor and display case courtesy of Hermès Canada

Every surface has been thought through: Venetian plaster walls, scraped oak cabinets, teak veneer cases. Wood and leather tone together. Glass goes up and over a display cube leaving space all around.

On the floor the lively marigold and grey marble and smooth concrete are divided by areas of tile with an H motif. The tile has a remarkable edge detail. Little black squares drift free from the pattern onto the white border. A design that’s easy-going and brilliant at the same time.

Shoe métier mill work courtesy of Hermès Canada

The cabinets’ thick bands of wood have the same vertical width as horizontal–a satisfying proportion. The shelves are divided in an artful asymmetrical balance. I love how the tall narrow cabinet is recessed to be flush with the hand plastered wall.

Hermès teaches us that the more unity to the field, the more impact to the lift. Have you noticed that after making a personal shift, your rooms are an uneasy fit until they shift too? It’s so liberating to make improvements.

Hermès Canada
Pippa folding armchair courtesy of Hermès Canada

What have you been meaning to improve? What no longer fits? Goosebumps can come from simplicity, like matched linen sheers and side drapes with their colourful calm or from an impressive Hermès Pippa folding chair well placed.

Inspiration relates to breathing and soaring, which happens on relaxed summer days. The best time to vivify, or dare I say Divify, might be now!

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  • Hermes is the creme de la creme of elegance and sophistication as are you and your eye for refined beauty, Lois! Thank you for an amazing, inspirational article!

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